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Exclusive events for small groups in Italian, English, German and French


The Association TEDeat Rome offers you the unique experience of spending time with a small group of English-speaking people who were either born or raised in Rome, joined together by their love for the Eternal City and their passion for the Arts, good food and good company.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

But how many travellers actually do what the Romans do?


TEDeat Rome will take you by the hand to discover the hidden secrets of our neighbourhood, the “quartiere Flaminio”, and – why not? - “cappuccino e cornetto per favore!” at our corner-shop café.

Let us welcome you into our home to delight you with the preparation of a hand-made meal, and later, sharing a plate of pasta, animatedly talk about food, wine and everything else under the Italian sun!

And, if you are looking for an off-the-beat place to stay, let us know: we have a hand-picked selection of B&Bs and holiday flats at a 15-minute tram-ride away from the central Piazza del Popolo.

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If you are staying in Rome for more than 3 days don't miss the opportunity of booking one of our day-trips.

From the centre of Rome it takes less than an hour to dramatically change landscapes and discover secular olive-groves, Medieval castles, Etruscan tombs. On the way experience wine - and food-tasting in family-run homesteads, browsing in markets and botteghe to find original hand-made gifts to take back home with you.

Join us for an unforgettable day out!

If you are looking for a place to stay, you can choose from our personally selected list of comfortable private flats and apartments where you can spend your holiday: it will be your home away from home!

The places we have chosen are in the most interesting areas of Rome, giving you the possibility of truly getting the feel of the Eternal City.


Rome is in your hands! Send us an email to find out

about our upcoming dates and events.

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Our passion for good food aims at giving you the true Made in Italy experience, in a warm and inviting situation: our home in the “quartiere Flaminio”.

The Italian cuisine that we are inviting you to taste uses only the best Italian ingredients that our country, and in particular our local region - Lazio - can offer.

Our mission is the research and selection of each and every dish, with emphasis placed on quality, freshness and seasonality of the ingredients. Each course is accompanied by a specific regional wine, chosen by our house-sommelier, which enhances the flavours of the food you will be tasting.

TEDeat offers a variety of food experiences - from intimate dining to  fun hands-on cooking classes - working with expert chefs and traditional Italian home-cooks: in our home, in a professional kitchen or a in private appartment.


Send us an email to be updated about our dates and events.

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TEDeat Rome is pleased to share with you our social and cultural background in order to give you access to the “quartiere Flaminio” neighborhood. You will enjoy exciting walks in small groups, together with your hosts and professional guides, to discover this ever-changing district known as Rome’s Culture District, its stunning new architecture, its cultural attractions, its everyday life, colors, scents and flavors. We want you to be part of an intimate participatory experience taking you to unique places which aren’t usually on a tourist guidebook: neighbourhood markets, famous landmarks, tasty food venues. Find out about the development of the city in the company of an experienced architect, who will accompany you on two great walks showing you the Modern and Contemporary highlights of the quartiere Flaminio. During these walks there will also be pleasant breaks where you will be able to drink a coffee or enjoy a snack in the nicest places where the real Roman people hang out. All walks are for small groups. Languages spoken: English, German, Italian and French. Join us because we don't simply talk the talk but we truly walk the walk!
About us
Maria Laura “If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney I am Roman, birth-sign libra. For over twenty years I have created and organized art and culture events. Over the years I have met artists, musicians, actors, architects, writers, photographers and great chefs. I am also a certified wine-expert. I have decided to put together my great passions: food, travel and culture. I have always been curious about meeting new people, and this is why I decided to be part of TEDeat Rome. Amanda Although I am British I have lived in Italy most of my life and because of this I consider myself Anglo-Italian. Or perhaps Italo-English. In any case I get to live the best of both worlds! I define myself an artist, and over the years have been Involved in all sorts of projects, from film-making to illustrating; from landscaping to cooking. I decided to be part of TEDeat Rome because I love the idea of sharing my eclectic knowledge with anyone who cares to listen. Annalisa I spent the first half of my life in Germany and the rest in this wonderful city, studying and working in the field of architecture for the last 15 years. I planned to leave Rome and its beauties several times throughout the years but the culture, the amazing food, the people and the climate made it impossible for me to leave. So I decided, beside my profession of architect, to discover the world from my own city, putting together my passion for architecture and my interest in communicating with people of different cultures and traditions, and this is why I decided to be part of TEDeat Rome.

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